Yagya – Will I Dream During The Process?

Yagya - Will I Dream During The Process?


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Yagya – Will I Dream During The Process?
CD, Sending Orbs, 2006

If you’re looking for timeless quality-ambient music with that typical Northern touch, Yagya’s second album “Will I Dream During The Process?” for sure will be a most welcome discovery.

Aalsteinn Gumundsson’s organic, free-flowing minimal synth washes and bouncing mid-tempo beats create a smooth and gentle ambience, incorporating the refined interplay of rhythmic patterns.

The outcome is minimal IDM/dub-techno with a thick tapestry of flowing white noise and occasional velvet vocal bits painting a wide-open sonic scenery with a nice drift-feel underneath that immerses the listener in a most pleasant, hypnotizing manner. Yagya’s potent atmospheric and ethereal sound textures really rises up to a comfortable breathing space filled with fresh cold air.

All in all, “Will I Dream During The Process?” makes a strong release, also appropriate for those liking a more dynamic counterpart to Yagya’s subtle and silencing “Rhythm of Snow”.

Website: www.yagya.is

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