Yarek – Last Train to Berlin

Yarek - Last Train to Berlin

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Yarek – Last Train to Berlin
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Generator.Pl, 2013

While his previous release “Spirits of the Dust” left me rather confused, Yarek’s album “Last Train to Berlin” heads back to Berliner School inspired contemporary electronic music with a good portion of ambient thrown in.

To a certain degree, back are the lush, spatial but slow-paced sequencers and tasty retro hints, melted with a range of modern pads, environmental sounds and occasional (vocoder) voice. Don’t expect that much melody though, as it’s more cosmic atmosphere that’s making up the 48-minute continuous outcome, presented in 11 short tracks and one longer take. “Orbital”, “Music Play”, “Hokato” and “Banco” are the spots where the rhythm and sequence briefly shift into a higher gear and slightly dance/trance mode, but afterwards the tempo slows down once more. The 8-minute rhythmic-spiced title track puts an end to the album, again in a non-melodic fashion.

All in all, Jaroslaw Degorski’s “Last Train to Berlin” is sonically less exciting than I anticipated at first, but it still carries a certain cool vibe under its wings I can’t put my finger on.

Website: www.generator.pl

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