Yog Sothoth – Prehistoric Dawn

Yog Sothoth - Prehistoric Dawn

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Yog Sothoth – Prehistoric Dawn

CD, Private Release, 2012

What I got here is the debut album by Yog-Sothoth (aka Cologne-based musician Michael Wilkes) who has been around in the EM scene since the start of the ’90. Most notably, Mr. Wilkes won Germany’s Schallwelle award for being the best newcomer in 2011. The latter is no surprise after hearing the sparkling outcome on this nearly 80-minute release he assembled of pieces he released privately through the internet earlier on as well as new tracks.

Yog-Sothoth’s music is not only highly accessible, melodic, and rhythmic-driven but also stands out for its versatile, peppy, and thoughtful sound design (although there are a few spots where the music proves a bit too high-energy and busy to my taste). As such “Prehistoric Dawn” (mastered by Bernd “Moonbooter” Scholl) will be appreciated by all who like general melodic electronics.



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