You – Laserscape

You - Laserscape

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You – Laserscape
LP/CD, Cue Records, 1986

“Laserscape” is the fourth and last album by You, aka the German duo Albin Meskes and Udo Hanten, from the ‘80’s period. Initially released on vinyl in 1986, only few copies of the recording made it on the market, making it very hard to find for many years. Fortunately, Joerg Strawe’s Cue Records re-released the album on cd as part of the five-cd box “Era” in 1996.

You’s “Laserscape” is actually a tribute to a laser-concert of the same name held in August 1995, for which the duo provided the music. Still using analogue equipment only, Meskes and Hanten offer quite dark (and at times a bit gloomy) cinematic computer music featuring lots of atmospheric sketches next to mellotron pads and some sequencers. I can’t say there a really structure or consistent mood apparent in “Laserscape’s” music, which mostly seems to rely on improvisations.

I especially like the mysterious sphere of the opening piece “Passing Landscapes” followed by the melodic “Can you tell me where I am” next to the two tracks containing acoustic guitar (of which the tense “Scanned Noises” does remind me of Robert Schroeder’s debut album). The last track on the official release is the two-part “Curious Phenomena” of which the first part is rhythmic and sequenced while the second part dives back into the mysterious soundscape realm of the opening piece.
As a bonus, the cd-version contains a 21-minute outtake of You’s live performance during the aforementioned 1985 laser-concert in Krefeld.

If I were to choose from You’s music catalogue, “Laserscape” sure is the strongest beside being a classic EM album.



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