Zanov – Chaos Islands

Zanov - Chaos Islands

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Zanov – Chaos Islands
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2020

Zanov’s sixth album “Chaos Islands” takes inspiration by the chaos theory and contains seven electronic vignettes blending the simple and complex while the listener can expect the unexpected.

Still rooted firmly in characteristic Zanov’s edged sound design, the sequence-driven, symphonic-angled, partly melodic outcome features various most peculiar twists and psychedelic hooks. Harmonic isn’t an appropriate description either. Darker, more ominous atmospheres lie at the heart of “Three Body Island’s” soft pulsating synthwaves next to the wavering, alienated synth-work of both “Phase Space Island” and “Instability Island”. The not very accessible ride ends with “Emergence Island’s” peculiar, rather hallucinogenic soundings.

While still sounding unique like Zanov’s previous works, “Chaos Islands” is an odd and very hard one to listen to, leaving me in an estranged, confused state.



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