Zanov – Open Worlds (live at Synthfest 2017)

Zanov - Open Worlds (live at Synthfest 2017)

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Zanov – Open Worlds (live at Synthfest 2017)
DVD, Private Release, 2017

This audio-visual release –limited to 100 numbered and autographed copies- documents Pierre Salkazanov’s performance at Nante’s Synthfest 2017 which was accompanied by beautiful cyberworld graphics as backdrop. The 60-minute disc contains tracks from the studio album “Open Worlds” mingled with two new themes. Characteristic Zanov sound design is all over the place as well as a distinct futuristic, psychedelic approach.

Zanov’s synthetic world of sounds is one of robotics and gloominess, a complex and disorientating aural otherworld of pure electronics featuring deranged harmonies of sequences and textures with only few glimpses of melody. As I’ve said previously about his studio album, both Pierre’s style and approach remain unique with nothing quite like it out there.



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