Zeit – Waves from the Sky

Zeit - Waves from the Sky


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Zeit – Waves from the Sky
CD, Hic Sunt Leones, 2008

Zeit is Italian ambient musician Tommaso Cimò, who recorded his debut-release “Waves from the Sky” during nightly sessions in his home studio “The Mag” between April and August 2007.

The album contains six moody, environmental and overall melancholic ambient pieces, which dwell in a world of introspection and quiet yearning. A strong sense of minimalism runs through Zeit’s meandering string textures and looped synth motives, to which Tomasso carefully and precisely adds Tibetan bells, samples, kalimba, (slide) guitar, bass, field recordings and zither.

I would classify this as organic flavoured, hypnotizing sonic perfume with undefined mysterious and cosmic undercurrents. At the same time, it brings back memories of the timeless, atmospheric electronic music made at the start and middle of the ‘70’s.

Although all tracks are well done and smoothly unfolding, I’m especially fond of three pieces.
There’s the ‘70’s Schulzian-piece “Towards the Edge”, which features a mesmerizing, o so beautiful interplay of mellotron, synths sequencers, windbells and samples, while the almost 12-minute “Sunset Elegy” touches mind and soul in a magical way with its looped synth pads to elevating effect.
And there’s “The River of Return”, which neatly circles round and round, ending up in Gandalf-like music of the ‘80’s.

All in all, “Waves from the Sky” offers some well-produced ambient mood music, which deserved much more attention than it has gained until now. These spherical impressions are well done, Tommaso!

Website: aliodie.bandcamp.com/album/waves-from-the-sky


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