Zero Ohms – Process of Being

Zero Ohms - Process of Being

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Zero Ohms – Process of Being

This release might be a bit of a gamble for the label as it doesn’t really fit into its usual roster sonically, although there is a certain similarity to the delicately molded ambient of Rudy Adrian occasionally.

Nonetheless, on “Process of Being” Richard J. Roberts (aka Zero Ohms) has done a remarkable job in composing a freeform textural body of peaceful music which feels like a breeze, going forth profoundly emotive and meditative.Using wind-controlled synthesizers and various flutes, Mr Roberts created a tranquil sonic cocoon of slow rising and falling lush textures in which time and place seems to dissolve.

The spacious, rather minimal sounding outcome tends to the meditative, but its overall soothing impact is most appropriate to cleanse the busy mind and make it slow down.


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