Zhu – Inner Sanctuary

Zhu - Inner Sanctuary

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Zhu – Inner Sanctuary
CD, Private Release, 1998

According to the press-sheet, “Inner Sanctuary” is the second release of the Vancouver-based Reiki master & musician Robert Jennings, aka Zhu.
Subtitled as “soothing music complementing the healing arts”, the album immediately gives a new-age impression, which is even emphasized by the cd cover.

The disc contains twelve tracks from which a few are pure solo piano pieces, next to some intimate electronic music produced on a “digital chamber orchestra”. This all is executed in a very relaxed manner.

Robert’s best effort in my opinion is immediately found at the beginning of the album: “Reflection”, which is also the longest track on “Inner Sanctuary”.

The overall gentle and very tranquil atmosphere of the cd might appeal to some listeners of Liquid Mind or even to UK’s Kevin Kendle’s although “Zhu” does paint some characteristic, mesmerizing music of his own.

For those how who enjoy some quiet music in the evening hours, this might be a very enjoyable recommendation.



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