Zorch – Ouroboros

Zorch - Ouroboros


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Zorch – Ouroboros
CD-R, Zorch Music, 1975/2000

What we got here is a vintage Em-release from the mid-‘70’s made by Zorch, aka the UK-duo Basil Brooks and Howard Scarr (aka Gwyo Zepix).

According info on the bands website, it’s the only album ever recorded at Peter Zinovieff’s EMS studio, where the two musicians had access to the massive analogue Synthi 100. When put in perspective, “Ouroboros”, the bands one and only release, makes a trippy, weird and adventurous statement, riding the edge of psychedelic and melodic EM in a great, flamboyant and convincing style.

There’s a lot of fantastic improvisation going on on this album, that’s been put together using very little technology compared to the wealth the world of music is accustomed to today. Soundwise, “Ouroboros” brings early Tangerine Dream and Schulze to mind besides Tim Blake and a touch of Jarre. Most of all, the spacy magic explored here seems to come from another sonic universe.

This totally electronic band was way ahead of their time and belongs to the pioneers in the genre. Classic, mind-blowing stuff!

Website: www.zorchmusic.com


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