33 Tetragammon & Human Metronome – Resonating Earth

33 Tetragammon & Human Metronome - Resonating Earth

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33 Tetragammon & Human Metronome – Resonating Earth
CD, Private Release, 2009

33 Tetragammon (aka Wasili Papadopoulos) and Human Metronome (aka Eelke van Hoof) are two composers hailing from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, who played several live sets during “E-Day 2009” in Oirschot. At the same occasion, they also presented their ambient release “Resonating Earth”.

The first impression I got from the sonic approach to and the description of their music, plus the short advice regarding listening to it (low volume, in nature and at night) almost immediately made me think of the Belgian duo Purfoze and their album “Songs of the Earth”.
One difference would be they apply a purely software based set, of which the spacious textures and dronescapes are melted with guitars, field recordings and the sounds of Tibetan bowls.

The original outcome on “Resonating Earth” offers eight tracks of deep, atmospheric and gently floating ambience, with occasional use of rhythm and melody.
It’s a slightly intoxicating and psychedelic sonic perfume that sooths and pleases the senses, and in addition “being able to profoundly impact one’s consciousness” (if I may believe the composer’s words).
In its own right, it nicely fits next to the expansive, organic flavoured works of Robert Rich (esp. “Separate Self”), Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana and Michael Stearns, as it connects to the mysteries of ancient and forgotten cultures around the globe, to which these musicians were and still are attracted.

The album is available through Groove Unlimited.
Well done, fellows!

Website: www.resonatingearth.com

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