33 Tetragammon & Human Metronome – Universal Ripples

33 Tetragammon & Human Metronome - Universal Ripples

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33 Tetragammon & Human Metronome – Universal Ripples
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

“Universal Ripples” is the third collaboration between Dutch musicians Human Metronome (aka Eelke van Hoof) and 33 Tetragammon (aka Wasili Papadopoulos).
According to the musicians, the outcome is their deepest album so far, as the previous releases sounded lighter. It consists of an intense journey, best experienced when immersing the five uninterrupted soundscapes in one go and in the order they are presented.

The music, presented in five “Phase”, contains glimpses of Robert Rich and Steve Roach, as it smoothly roams in spacious caverns of textural ambiences with an organic edge.

In addition, I second listening and experiencing the full impact of the music is something special, as the expansive dronescapes, field recordings, bamboo flute, percussion and the sound of singing bowls gradually take you on an introspective trip.
This all in an attempt to connect the listener to the core of his or her inner-self, as sometimes the music can penetrate into the deeper, hidden realms of consciousness. Yeah, right.

To me, these immersive and well-constructed sonic worlds most of all are resonating and slow morphing ambient textures, the outcome being a 73-minute breathing space of soft whirling elements.

All in all, “Universal Ripples” is a work of art meant for profound and focussed listening. Its impact is emphasized due to eye for detail and the excellent, precise mastering.
Well done, guys!

Mind this is a download-only release, available in MP3 or Flac-format through MusicZeit.

Website: www.resonatingearth.com

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