Brannan Lane – Hypnotic Drift

Brannan Lane - Hypnotic Drift

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Brannan Lane – Hypnotic Drift
CD-R, Private Release, 2002

It seems that drifting space/ambients has become a heavy trademark of Brannan Lane, who again knows how to impressive the lovers of the genre.
“Hypnotic Drift” is another beauty with slowly morphing and shifting layers of sound, accompanied by some choral swells here and there, not to forget some nice background-treatments like shakers and bells.

In this vast and ongoing piece of 60 minutes, which is divided in 11 “Zones”, there’s still this light sense of foreboding and tension which keeps your attention focussed without things getting a little less accessible or harsh.

Brannan’s otherworldly undercurrents move along in mystery in a delicate and pleasant manner. The sophisticated textures drip of density, expansiveness and deep relaxing immersion.

This is another nice contribution to nowadays electronic space music..


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