Brannan Lane / Vidna Obmana – Deep Unknown

Brannan Lane / Vidna Obmana - Deep Unknown

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Brannan Lane / Vidna Obmana – Deep Unknown
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Brannan Lane Music, 2002

One of the many cds that Brannan Lane had planned for 2002 is this collaboration with his Belgian colleague Dirk Serries. It’s not a full-length collaboration but one that is limited to the first three tracks. The overall atmosphere is misty, slightly mysterious but also soundscape-like, there is a good dose of desolation. From the fourth track onwards, Brannan takes the helm but manages to maintain the same atmosphere in the remaining, equally long tracks. Besides synth sounds, beautiful bell sounds, light percussion and effects resound in the shadowy, minimalist soundworlds, remaining modest but enchanting. All in all “Deep Unknown” is well put together. Any ambient lover will be happy to take this in.



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