Colin Rayment – Abstract Dimensions

Colin Rayment - Abstract Dimensions

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Colin Rayment – Abstract Dimensions

On previous albums, London-based composer Colin Rayment already offered electronic music fans a fine collection of fresh, melodic and sequencer-flavored electronics of high quality. What’s unfolding on “Abstract Dimensions” is a personal ‘journey’, deriving its musical inspiration from some abstract thinking, while reflecting some of the positive feelings in life, along with some of the more melancholy.

The sonic aura of ’90’s TD again shines nicely through the leaves of the album but leaving enough space for the sonic identity and ideas of the composer. Soothing textures often float or accompany the (occasional even pulsating) sequencer patterns and rhythmic elements, forming a hold-back energetic outcome which aren’t tunes. It all culminates on the 16-minute “Navigation of a Helix”, also the longest piece on the release, where miscellaneous things take place beside a captivating emotive current and a certain dose of contemporary TD-ish/symphonic sound design.

Overlooking the whole release, Colin did a fine job once again. I have not doubt “Abstract Dimensions” will please many within the EM-community.


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