Colin Rayment – Acclimation

Colin Rayment - Acclimation


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Colin Rayment – Acclimation
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

“Acclimation”, the process of adapting to a new climate, covers a number of personal experiences and thoughts of UK composer Colin Rayment covering areas of personal snap shots that derive their name from various geographical experiences and their adaptations to some extreme (weather) conditions.

In the process of creation, Colin applied a mix of cutting edge virtual synths (mainly Omnisphere, Reaktor & Kontakt) and conventional hardware synths, while using iZotope Ozone for the mix-down of the 65-minute outcome.

The concept album offers a fresh dive in contemporary electronic music, although one can already hear some resemblances with Tangerine Dream’s fine album “Jean d’Arc” in the well-tempered and joyful first track “Moonsoon in Utopia”. This pleasant feel would continue to surface in what was to follow. There’s in fact quite a large range of details noticeable in Mr Rayments moody, though complex creations, which also contain some massive, multi-layered sequencer exercises and accompanying percussion/drums.

In that respect, “Metallic Rain” and “Sleeping through Absolute Zero” following next in line are other strong, tantalizing listening experiences, really kicking some ass when heard with a good pair of HQ headphones or speakers. As such, listening to this very nicely rendered and highly imaginative album is a sophisticated, challenging journey through the dimensions of sound.

The excellent mix, mastering and production put the icing on the cake of this driving effort, which absolutely deserves a factory-pressed release. Nice going, Colin!


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