Colin Rayment – Architects of Orion

Colin Rayment - Architects of Orion

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Colin Rayment – Architects of Orion
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Syngate Records, 2017

The inspiration behind “Architects of Orion” came from time Colin Rayment spent stargazing deep in the British countryside of Lincolnshire, a rural area with little light pollution and amazingly clear night skies. It’s situated very close to where astronomer Isaac Newton was born and grew up. After a visit to Newton’s house Colin felt compelled to produce this music, having viewed what he must have seen back then when looking at the night sky.

Well, the occasional sequencer-driven outcome has strong links to contemporary Berlin School and German electronic music (“Blue Moon Epiphany”, “Dobsonian Vision”) in general pairing velvet textures with smooth-emotive melodic lines -no solo voices- throughout the whole album. Along these appear a few lush, freeform-oriented moodscape parts as featured on “Astronomical Twilight of NQ1” and “Ephemeris Lullaby”. This said, the last track “Phase of an Illuminated Cresent” doesn’t stray far from TD’s recent work.
All in all, this is a decent release.


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