Colin Rayment – Beyond the Aurora

Colin Raymen - Beyond the Aurora

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Colin Rayment – Beyond the Aurora

The album “Beyond the Aurora” by UK-synthesist Colin Rayment is inspired by sightings of amazing skies while travelling in the far north of Scotland during the summer of 2015.

The emotive contemporary music filling the album is well constructed and layered, featuring great underlayments of thick sequencer patterns to which lush melodic pads and rhythms are added. Again, the vibrant sounding result doesn’t stray far from modern TD while leaving room for reflective moments such as on “Night Shining”. The last piece of the recording feels a bit weird, less captivating and uneven, not bringing the previous music full circle the way I expected.
It’s my belief this is a mature recording that needs to grow a bit on the listener before it can be appreciated.


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