Colin Rayment – Continental Divide

Colin Rayment - Continental Divide

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Colin Rayment – Continental Divide
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

“Continental Divide” is the second release of the London-based musician Colin Rayment, who has produced his own melodic electronica for several years.
The inspiration for the cd came from a recent visit to the Canadian Rockies, of which the outcome is a nice atmospheric work.
On a few tracks Rayment is accompanied by a bass player, but for the most his music made me vaguely think of TD’s music of the ’80, especially their album “Underwater Sunlight”. Next to some variety in tempo in the title-
track it also contains some driven bass.

“White Out” has a nice structure and features some great atmosphere, which I wished would be a bit longer. The TD-like atmospheric textures on “Marble Canyon” are great, as are the very relaxed sounds featured on “Ice Fields”.
The closing track “Chinook” is the most up-tempo of all pieces with its driving bass.

In all an interesting album which can use some further production.


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