Colin Rayment – FRB

Colin Rayment - FRB

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Colin Rayment – FRB
CD-R/Digital Download,  SynGate Records, 2019

For the music on this release, UK-synthesist Colin Rayment was inspired by so called Fast Radio Bursts, unusual repeating signals in the cosmos coming from a source about 1.5 billion light years away. It has led to seven contemporary-melodic mood tracks carrying the composer’s own signature sound aside from occarional Berlin School influences, most notably those of modern Tangerine Dream. Warm textures and sections with smooth evolving sequences take the listener into space in a comfortable, overall easy-going fashion. Note the 13-minute “Interplanetary Train” where Colin blends freeform soundscapes with mysterious currents, gentle sequences, voice samples and symphonic-angled pads nicely.

All in all, the 60-minute “FRB” offers nothing groundbreaking but is a fine choice if you appreciate contemporary instrumental EM with cosmic elements.



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