Free System Projekt – British Aisles

Free System Projekt - British Aisles

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Free System Projekt – British Aisles
CD-R, Private Release, 2008

“British Aisles” is a double cd-r containing the concert the duo Engels & Heij performed at St John’s The Baptist Church in Leicester on May 17th 2008.

The recording -remastered straight from the soundboard recording- holds two tracks clocking over one hour, and a final piece of eleven minutes, digging the ins and outs of the retro-style by Tangerine Dream as explored in the early and mid ‘70’s, ranging from moody atmospheric soundscape passages (as e.g. featured as lengthy intro on “Electronic Supplication”) to powerful, sequencer-driven vintage stuff, topped by fluid and soft soaring solos.

Those who can’t get enough of electronic music with lots of spacious mellotron tapetries should absolutely digest this one.
The album is available as Mp3 and Flac download from MusicZeit.


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