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Free System Projekt - Gent


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Free System Projekt – Gent
CD, Private Release, 2007

Ja“Gent” documents a live performance of the trio Ruud Heij, Marcel Engels and Frank van der Wel, recorded on May 28th 2005 at the Backstage in Ghent, Belgium.
The cd cover-image features a nice stage line-up of vintage instruments, which mirrors with the great retro feel contained in the four tracks.

“Desolate Landscape” kicks off quietly, but soon culminates in vein of TD’s “Ricochet”.
The sequencing of the almost 33-minute “Gent 4” realms in vintage Klaus Schulze atmospheres. The first 12 minutes remind of Schulze’s famous ’77 St. Michael’s concert , thereafter the textures and sounds further build and expand.
Next comes the 14-minute vibrant, nicely executed “Moyland Part 4”, before the in-your-face, uptempo Ricochet-like sequencing and mellotron textures of “Gent 5” close the album beautifully .

The 73-minute “Gent” is an absolute must-have for all retro fans. Well done, guys!


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