Free System Projekt & Gert Emmens – Legacy

Free System Projekt & Gert Emmens - Legacy


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Free System Projekt & Gert Emmens – Legacy
CD, Private Release, 2011

The factory-pressed cd “Legacy” comprises three concert recordings made at two different locations. The almost 50-minute “Heritage”, recorded at The Ricochet Gathering in October 2010, kicks things off in the engaging and full retro-mode as we know so well from Free System Project.

The music is heavily influenced by TD’s begin and mid ‘70’s output, featuring strings of rolling sequencers, fx’s, mellotron and lots of other attractive vintage pads next to some atmospheric, mellow interludes. Both TD’s “Rubicon” and “Encore” receive a nice dedication here.

The other two pieces, “Legacy” and “Prophecy, were taken from the dynamic FSP-performance at E-Day 2010, an occasion where Gert Emmens joined the duo on drums. The great and up-tempo “Legacy” strongly reminds of Schulze’s track “Heart” from “Live…”, while Gert’s exciting drums nice resemble those of Harald Grosskopf on both pieces.

All in all, “Legacy” is an excellent treat absolutely worth buying.

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