Free System Projekt – Narrow Lane

Free System Projekt - Narrow Lane


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Free System Projekt – Narrow Lane
CD, Private Release, 2008

The album “Narrow Lane” by Free System Project contains two long vintage pieces, both played live in the UK.

The 29-minute “Narrow Lane Part I”, recorded in 2006 during the bands concert at the National Space Centre in Leicester, is performed by the trio Frank van der Wel, Marcel Engels and Ruud Heij. After a smooth atmospheric intro, sweeping vintage TD-sequencing show up, followed by an exquisite array of captivating retro and mellotron textures that bring “Ricochet” and “Encore” to mind.
Along the ride, the music shifts several times from fourth gear back to third and back, with a quiet break halfway, then breaking through to the other side with another bunch of powerful sequencing patterns.

Dark and mysterious atmospheres open the almost 49-minute “Narrow Lane Part II”, performed by Marcel Engels and Ruud Heij at the Hampshire Jam 6 festival 2007. After about eight minutes, some attractive and shape shifting sequencer patterns and vintage tapestries show up, putting the piece in motion from there on.
Around the 20-minute mark, things slow down with smooth vintage soundscaping. Frantic and adventurous sequencing starts as we pass the 31-minute mark, things shifting from faster to slower speed, rounding out at 35 minutes in a smooth pace, where warm soloing and a bed of retro textures are soon added as well, all marching nicely toward the end of the cd.
Nice going, guys!


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