Free System Projekt – Protoavis

Free System Projekt - Protoavis

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Free System Projekt – Protoavis
CD, Quantum Records, 2004

On “Protoavis”, Dutch trio Marcel Engels, Frank van der Wel & Ruud Heij (aka Free System Project), take the listener back to the vintage sound featured on TD’s classics “Phaedra” and “Rubycon”.

During the 75-minute cosmic ride its three expansive pieces -one live excerpt, two studio tracks- we find the same aural veil of mysterious slumber, remoteness and slightly foreboding spheres (making up the largest part of the 36-minute title piece very nicely) interspersed with pulsating sequencer parts and mellotron choirs.

To sum it up: you can line up this outcome next to the first albums of Radio Massacre International (but without any e-guitar) and the sonic approach of Brendan Pollard/Rogue Element.


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