Human Metronome – The Child Set Free

Human Metronome - The Child Set Free

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Human Metronome – The Child Set Free
CD, Private Release, 2010

Human Metronome is Eindhoven-based ambient musician and visual artist Eelke van Hoof.
In his opinion, composing music is a spontaneous, etheric process which can be a means to reach the intuition within a human being.

In addition, the press-sheet states: the setting of “The child set free” takes place in an organic world full of life where man is in sheer wonder about the beauty of its environment. In this space he forgets his old life of worries about survival and mundane trivialities and discovers his playful inner child. At the end of the day he sits in a cave overlooking the forest and releases a deep sigh: he finally realizes he has found the key to true wisdom.
The music of Eelke’s debut album is a concoction of soft synths, bamboo flutes, acoustic guitar, field recordings and binaural spatial effects. Further, the six track titles are based upon some of the virtues of the Japanese Samurai.

Well, the outcome on this cd is silent, almost vaporizing but also a tad experimental music with lots of environmental sounds being present. This ethno/ambient Zen Garden music uses a minimum of synthesizers.

Most of the soundscapes make one think of the dense tribal-infused music of Oophoi and alike, as things are executed in a spacious but also abstract and uniform manner.
The electro-acoustic, intrinsic and meditative outcome of “The child set free” breaths a serene, gentle and quiet nature as the organic elements slowly wash back and forth.
As Eelke’s previous collaborative releases with 33 Tetragammon, it’s again recommended to “digest” this soundscape music in nature at a low volume.


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