Robert Carty & Brannan Lane – Climatic Infusion

Robert Carty & Brannan Lane - Climatic Infusion

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Robert Carty & Brannan Lane – Climatic Infusion
CD-R, Private Release, 2002

Well, both these artists have done very well until now regarding their own solo music.
Their first collaborative cd “Climatic Infusion” holds the key to a next chapter in deep atmospheric music presented to you in seven extended sound textures with lots of organic undercurrents.

In some cases you almost feel the heat in tracks like “Hot Springs” or “Magma”, or the cold as featured in “Polar Shift” or “The New Ice Age”. Great ambient tracks that surround you as the vast synthwashes float on. There are some dronish shamanic vocals woven into the music of “Heat Lightening” next to some uncanny textures which are obvious in “High Seas”.

One might argue about the fact if the enhanced organic environmentals are a bit distractive at times or not. Nonetheless, this is ambient music which is able to get right under your skin.

This is a disc for those who prefer intense listening, at moments sounding slightly in vein of Roach, Biosphere or even Eno’s “On Land”


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