Boris Blank – Resonance

Release data: Boris Blank – Resonance CD/Lp, IAN Records, 2024 Fans of the Swiss-band Yello already know one half of it, synth-wizard Boris Blank, is a most talented sonic painter of enchanting, often highly cinematic atmospheres. His latest effort is the immersive “Resonance,” comprising twelve tracks originally commissioned for the Fortyseven thermal spa near Zurich that transcends the boundaries of…

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Three-Six (36) – Reality Engine

Release data: Three-Six (36) – Reality Engine Lp/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Past Inside the Present, 2024 “Reality Engine”, the third and final vinyl in 36’s synth trilogy on the Past Inside the Present label, sees Mr. Huddleston continue the melodic, melancholy machine sound started with “Wave Variations” and “Symmetry Systems”, further exploring the blossoming dynamics of artificial intelligence and the ever-changing definition…

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Awenson – Faith

Release data: Awenson – Faith CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2024 “Faith” is a concept album in the fairly ‘traditional’ Berlin School style, but still bearing Awenson’s easily recognizable, occasionally hypnotizing, style. Furthermore, music, images, and the poem have been conceived and thought out by Joël Bernard, aiming to restore faith in oneself and the universe. Vintage warm, sequencer-driven electronics roll…

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Altus – Solastalgia

Release data: Altus – Solastalgia CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2024 I recall having quite some issues with the previous Altus album “Descender” but hearing the first textural waves of “Solastalgia” -created from May to July 2023- makes clear the latter (re) focuses on painting emotive, intimate atmospherics. The album is inspired by the term “Solastalgia” coined by philosopher Glenn Albrecht…

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Parallel Worlds – Fragmented

Release data: Parallel Worlds – Fragmented CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, DiN, 2024 Bakis Sirros´ “Fragmented” is another cinematic-oriented release fully fletched with the composer’s impressive modular walls, most notably the Eurorack as well as the Buchla system. Profound, wonderous, slow-moving soundscapes make up the very nice opening and closing tracks (“Dawning” and “Sunset”) of the release, each hinting at a lucid, mesmerizing…

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