Johan Tronestam – Roswell

Release data: Johan Tronestam – Roswell CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, SynGate, 2015 The albums and tracks by Scandinavian composer Johan Tronestam fit in the league of feel-good, moody, and well-tempered electronics. The 79-minute “Roswell” is no exception, offering nine Berlin School-infused pieces with captivating sequencer patterns, catchy rhythms, and smooth evolving melodies. Johan’s rather simple but always-to-the-point sonic approach with atmospheric nods…

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Robert Schroeder – Into the Light

Release data: Robert Schroeder – Into the Light CD, Spheric Music, 2023 With his release Into the Light”, the Aachen-based musician brings his listeners a 57-minute concept album that sonically stays close to that of Berlin School but contains far fewer tunes. The 12-minute opening title track already harkens back nicely to the tasty soundscape, choir/string pads, gentle percussion, and…

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Loneward – Ferric Expeditions

Release data: Loneward – Ferric Expeditions CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release/Ambient Soundscapes, 2023 Loneward’s “Ferric Expeditions”, mastered by the Ultimae label owner Vincent Villuis, is an ambient release published in collaboration with Ambient Soundscapes (a division of Valley View Records). The 47-minute concept recording consists of a series of ten gently unfolding audio vignettes (each exploring a musical motif—either holding within…

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Three-Six (36) – Cold Ecstasy

Release data: Three-six (36) – Cold Ecstasy Lp/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3six Recordings, 2023 I´ve heard and reviewed quite a bit of 36 albums by now, seeing Dennis Huddleston shape and evolve his musical style on almost every new recording. This time around, the outcome drifts within the realm of ´90s UK hardcore (with vocal samples roaming in the sonic background) and…

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Biome – Essence

Release data: Biome – Essence CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2021 What I got here is the second recording by Gregory Kyryluk released under the ambient moniker Biome, a project he coined as bio-organically infused electronica. Well, the result presents six quite minimalist tracks featuring subtle rhythmic structures underneath tapestries of subdued, almost gliding soundscapes incorporating some environmental elements on…

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Yog Sothoth – Prehistoric Dawn

Release data: Yog Sothoth – Prehistoric Dawn CD, Private Release, 2012 What I got here is the debut album by Yog-Sothoth (aka Cologne-based musician Michael Wilkes) who has been around in the EM scene since the start of the ’90. Most notably, Mr. Wilkes won Germany’s Schallwelle award for being the best newcomer in 2011. The latter is no surprise after…

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