Node – Singularity

Release data: Node – Singularity CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, DiN, 2023 Sure, there’s been lots of talk about this UK quartet, most notably for their same-titled debut from 1994. The 67 minutes of music contained on “Singularity” -all created with analogue synths, modulars, and assorted vintage equipment- is said to be created during the same sessions, presenting an overall electronic-psychedelic, experimental-ish, non-conformist…

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Steve Roach – Ambient Church

Release data: Steve Roach – Ambient Church CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Timeroom Editions, 2023 Concerts performed in churches are something special, filling the sacred space with hallowed soundings. Ambient master Steve Roach already did several during his career, which this time around led him in June 2022 to New York City´s Church of the Heavenly Rest. The full performance, integrating the music…

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Applefish – Luminous

Release data: Applefish – Luminous DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Valley View Records, 2023 My attention was drawn to this UK artist and recording by my trusted friend Dan from Down Under with whom I had the privilege to do various audio projects successfully in the last decade. Pinpointed by its creator Nik Davies as “the perfect soundtrack for finding inner peace and…

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Llyn Y Cwn – Stratigraphy

Release data: Llyn Y Cwn – Stratigraphy CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023 It´s been quite some years since I dug any further music by UK artist Llyn Y Cwn, aka Ben Powell, whose output is field-recording-based dark ambient with a focus on both atmosphere and environment. Most notably it draws inspiration from the composer’s native North Wales landscape and his…

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Sphäre Sechs – Beta Pictoris

Release data: Sphäre Sechs – Beta Pictoris CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cryochamber, 2021 German synthesists Martin Stürtzer and Christian Stritzel make a great duo as they continue their exploration of the cosmic expanse under the Sphäre Sechs moniker.  From the promo blurb, I learned they pulled off an improvisational online concert played from two different cities and gathered material in preparation for…

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Johan Agebjörn – Subtracted Soundscapes

Release data: Johan Agebjörn – Subtracted Soundspaces DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2023 For “Subtracted Soundscapes”, featuring electronic music moving fluidly between the naturalistic and the slightly otherworldly, accomplished Swedish composer/producer Johan Agebjörn revisited past work, though with a strong focus on calmness and serenity as well as envisioning an outcome that’s entirely beatless. The sonic threads of the original…

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